Evaluate Limits Using Properties of Limits

We can find the range of a function by using the following steps: #1. First label the function as y=f (x) y=x+2 y = x + 2 #2. Express x as a function of y Here x=y-2 x = y − 2 #3. Find all possible values of y for which f (y) is defined
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Limits by Substitution

Answer Step 1. After substituting in \ (x=2\), we see that this limit has the form \ (−1/0\). That is, as \ (x\) approaches \ Step 2. Since \ (x−2\) is the only part of the

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Different Types of Limits One-Sided Limits Example Limits at Infinity

Sec 2 First Term Calculus Unit 3 Lesson 2 Finding the limit of a function Algebraically part 2Join The Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/47636829

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Limit Laws and Evaluating Limits

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Evaluating Limits Algebraically (Calculus 1)

4 ways of solving Limit of a Function Plug the value of x in the function to find the value of limit. If the function is in the form of a quadratic equation, use the factorization method to simplify it

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