Parallel lines slope equation

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Finding Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

You can find the slope by counting “rise over run” or by using the slope formula. In this example, Line S has a slope of m=2/9. Again, since parallel lines have the same slope, you can build your new line through point J by

Algebra Examples

Isolate the y term. 3x + 8y – 3x = 16 – 3x. 8y = 16 – 3x. Rearrange terms. 8y = –3x +16. Divide both sides by 8. The slope of the line is -3/8. A parallel line will have the same slope, thus -3/8


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Algebra 1 : How to find the slope of parallel lines

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Slope of Parallel Lines With Examples

The slopes of parallel lines are equal and the formula for the slope of parallel lines is m 1 = m 2. The parallel lines are equally inclined with respect to the positive x-axis and hence the slope of

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