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Mathematics understanding that gets you The Arrhenius Law

In their work they considered the pre-exponential factor as an adjustment parameter, obtaining values of 8.27E + 09, 5.00E + 07 and 3.72E +10 for the LTO, MTO and HTO regions, respectively

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How to calculate value of A or Pre-exponential factor value

Pre-exponential factor in Arrhenius relationship, s −1 ∗MPa −1. A c. Particle contact area, m 2. Ar. Archimedes number defined by Eqn (16.3) C CO 2. CO 2 concentration at particle surface
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How do you calculate the pre

Pre-Exponential Factor = Rate Constant/exp(- (Activation Energy/ ([R]*Absolute Temperature))) A = Kh/exp(- (Ea/ ([R]*Tabs))) This formula uses 2 Constants, 1 Functions, 4 Variables Constants

How do you calculate the pre-exponential factor

I would like to calculate the pre-exponential factor of a surface reaction using transition state theory. I've seen two ways to calculate it but I get different answers for each